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From remote workers and freelancers to fitness
trainers, AtomPay enables anybody to monetize their content or digital services.

AtomPay screen James profile

AtomPay for Fitness Trainers

Meet James Moore, a 48 year old fitness trainer based out of Los Angeles. James dedicates most of his free time to growing his fitness following on Instagram, building content that both motivates, and teaches. He uses AtomPay as a link in the bio of his Instagram profile, leading his followers to subscribe to coaching sessions and impactful training programs.

AtomPay screen Trisha profile

AtomPay for Freelancers

Meet Trisha Duarte, a 34 year old consulting professional based out of New York City. Trisha spends a lot of time at business networking events, meeting with small to medium sized business owners. She uses AtomPay to help facilitate immediate transactions with business owners she meets, from offering free initial consultations to brain storming sessions.

AtomPay screen Sandra profile

AtomPay for Dog Walkers

Meet Sandra Davis, a 28 year old dog walker based out of Buffalo, New York. Sandra is an experienced and passionate dog walker that loves each and one of her furry pals. Most Sandra's customers are either repeat customers or direct referrals. She uses AtomPay to quickly collect payments after dog walking sessions. Recently she has been using Atom Pay to sell her newly published eBook, which has helped establish herself as a knowledgable pet caretaker.

AtomPay screen Kelly profile

AtomPay for Influencers

Meet Kelly Ramos, a 25 year old travel influencer and content creator based out of Miami, Florida. Kelly has been building a social media empire ever since she quit her corporate accounting job to pursue traveling. When Kelly's social media follow started to grow on Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat, she decided to start monetizing her offerings. With AtomPay, Kelly easily shares her link with her audience, and it's easy to use share feature makes it easy for her biggest fans to share with their friends.

Atom Pay is built for anyone that sells digital content or services. Some examples of this includes:

  • Instagram Influencers who product content that they are seeking to monetize to their followers or a wider audience on social media.
  • Virtual Assistants who charge hourly rtes or for special projects.
  • Musicians who charge for virtual music lessons or want a better way for their audience to pay or tip them.
  • Movers who want to use a better way of collecting tips for their services.
  • Dog Walkers who charge hourly rates, dog walking sessions or pet sitting sessions.
  • Personal Fitness Trainers who charge for virtual fitness training sessions or product fitness related content they are seeking to monetize.
  • Tour Guides who are seeking a faster way to monetize in person or virtual tours.
  • Non-Profits who are seeking an easier way to collect donations for events special occasions or are seeking to monetize canvassers or cause ambassadors.
  • CPAs + other financial professionals who charge for financial advise or create financial content for there clients or potential clients.
  • Real Estate Professionals who are seeking a more innovative way of generating leads.
  • Content Creators that charge for access to certain digital content or for building custom content.
  • Writers & Editors who sell writing services for individuals or businesses.
  • Business Consultants that charge monthly retainer for consulting services, or for individual short-term or long term projects.
  • Side Hustlers who are managing multiple gigs, projects or clients.
    Drivers that want a better way to collect specific level holiday tips