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Accept and process payments easier with AtomPay. Get paid from your audience, community, and social media.

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Claim Your Username

Complete your profile by claiming your username and uploading a picture.


Add Your Products or Services

Easily add the products or services you want to sell; including descriptions and price. Now you're ready to sell!


Enable Payments

Connect with your existing PayPal or Stripe accounts to enable payments.

Start Getting Paid for your Digital Content and Services💰

We make it as easy as 1-2-3 for freelancers, side-hustlers, influencers and content creators to start collecting payments in one easy to use platform.

...for Free!

No extra charge, commission or fees. Just pay what you usually do with PayPal and Stripe.

Manifest It

Take your dream of earning $$ and make it into a reality. Get paid for what you are already doing and set your value. Whether you’re a consultant, writer, artist, gig worker or content creator, AtomPay makes it easy to collect payments.

AtomPay's Offer Suggestions

Build It

Don’t want to spend hours building a profile? Great, neither do we! We’ve made it easy to create a shareable shop optimized for sales (not just a laundry list of links) so that you can start earning money almost immediately.

AtomPay's Profile Builder

Earn It

You work hard enough, getting paid should be easy! AtomPay currently integrates with both PayPal and Stripe (Crypto, is coming soon) so you can turn any body into a paying customer easily. Share your custom link on social media, directly to potential buyers or in person via QR code.

AtomPay's Checkout Screen

We set out to build the easiest platform for solo-entrepreneurs to get paid.

  • No downloads: AtomPay is accessible for both the buyer and seller with one link. No downloads, ever. Your buyer doesn't even need to create an account.
  • No back and forth: AtomPay is a payment layer, meaning it works regardless of what platform you, the buyer, or the seller is on. And you both don't need to be on the same platform!
  • No noise: You know what you charge and you shouldn't budge. AtomPay enables you to set a specific price for a specific service. Charging a $1000 monthly retainer rate? Great! How about $10 for access to a digital ebook? Perfect. We provide a frictionless way for freelancers, side-hustlers, influencers and content creators to get paid.
  • One shareable link: We know today's world is more digital than ever before. One link is all you need to share; tweet it out on Twitter, put it in your Instagram bio, send it to your potential client, or share your QR code. The possibilities are endless!

Getting paid should be your last worry. Not your first.

We are AtomPay.